Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Letter to Mary Harney TD

Mary Harney TD, Minister for Health
Leinster House
Kildare Street
Dublin 2

12th November 2008
Dear Miss Harney,
I am writing to you to outline my opposition to your proposals with regard to co-location. I am a secondary school political activist with a strong experience in the health service. I have lost many relations, including my mother, and I know exactly how the Health Service works. I am disgusted at your plans to co-locate private hospitals on public lands, which undermine the integrity of patients and creates an unequal and bigoted system of health according to wealth. I experience daily how people struggle to pay for healthcare and I condemn your thinking that people with money should pay for their healthcare. After stripping pensioners of their automatic right to a medical card and now introducing a co-located hospital at Beaumont Hospital you have severely undermined the rights of the most disadvantaged in society.
I shiver at the thought of patients, who work hard and pay taxes, queuing in a waiting room for a disgraceful amount of time, staring outside the window at people receiving quality healthcare at the swipe of a credit card. Health is a right, not a privilege and you evidently fail to understand this. You have failed the Irish people with your right-wing policies and you have failed the pensioners who put their trust in you. The answer is a National Health Service, free at the point of entry, not right-wing neo liberal ideas, which have collapsed and failed in their own right. How dare you play with peoples’ lives.
We deserve a decent health service, and you have failed us. I call on you to resign from the office of Minister for Health and move on. If you cannot get the support of the youngest in society your time has come. Resign and spare the people of this nation who have not been “cherished equally”. The silence has been broken by the public and the health demonstrations are growing larger by the day. This is an indication that you have not performed as Minister and have misled the Irish populous. You should therefore resign.
Yours in disgust,

Colm Lawless