Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dublin Bus and Bus Éireann Cuts

In an age of economic uncertainty, I deplore the decision of Dublin Bus and Bus Éireann to slash jobs in their respective companies. I stand in solidarity with the bus drivers, who now face uncertainty in their daily lives. Our right-wing government seems intent on dismantling the living standards of working people to compensate for a disaster primarily caused by government incompetency. I call for a General Election and a change in government. When the moment arrives that our hard-working public service workers are being discriminated against, it is time to shift governments. It is a a national disgrace that Dublin Bus and Bus Éireann workers are being targeted, and their living standards diminished by draconian pay cuts and "voluntary" redundancies. From a Labour party perspective, we need to stand firm with our comrades in this sector and fight these cuts tooth and nail.

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